The Fall of Troy by Francesco Cavalli (2020)
(Act I of the composer's opera Didone)

Francesco Cavalli was the great figure of Monteverdi’s generation, the first generation of opera composers. The performance of their operas requires a small but professional group and only a few solo instruments - which is why they are perfect for us. Didone’s significance lies in the fact that it probably had a great influence on Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. This is a strongly dramatic piece and one of its characteristics is that it depicts the horrible last days of Troy in a way that was unusually bold for its time, while also beautifully projecting the drama of Aeneas being torn between staying and fleeing. In our performance, Act I of the original piece is developed into an opera of its own, thus emphasizing the modern, almost romantic aspect of this gloomy act.

The Fall of Troy - virtual premiere

Photos by Ilona Rosta

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