more about the project

Hangképző, the chorus of Kisképző, staged an opera in 2015 for the first time, and fell in love with the genre instantaneously. Opera is an interdisciplinary student effort that fully reveals the strengths of their high school education. Students create the entire performance - they do the singing, the dancing, the visual design and they are ones who play the instruments, as well. They make the costumes themselves, as well as the set, the posters, the ensemble's logo and its web site. The performances are very popular among high school students. The creators' belief that teens do enjoy opera in this form has been proven many times. All Barefoot Opera productions can be performed in a classroom, ideally to an audience of between 30 and 60.

Dr. Arpad Toth has been teaching music and vocal training in Kisképző since 2003, and he is also an instructor at the Hungarian Music Academy and the Kodaly Institue in Kecskemet, Hungary. An internationally acclaimed professional, he regularly holds master classes to music teachers and chorus masters all over the world, from Australia to Mexico, from China to Scotland, from the Philippines to the Netherlands. He is the art director of Hungary's largest community chorus, the over 500-member Csíkszerda, as well as of the Night of Choirs, a yearly one-night-long singing festival in Budapest.

Istvan Pavelcze majored in mathematics and physics and graduated from ELTE University in 1993. He is currently teaching at the Secondary School of Visual and Applied Arts in Budapest. In addition to being an educator he worked as a movement actor in the 'Theater of The Wings' under the mentorship of Gabor Csetneki and Rita Deak Varga, and participated in the work of La Pushkin Theater of Oleg Zhukovsky (Derevo Theater) as well. He also completed several theatrical and paratheatrical workshops. He's been practicing tai chi for 25 years as part of Andras Havasi's group.